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It’s Monday morning and I’m reflecting back on a busy but highly enjoyable weekend!
It all began for me last Thursday. I was approached by management to perform with a very talented man by the name of Ian Drew that night on Irish TV. It was a pre All Ireland Hurling Final hype show, with interviews from celebrities and sports figures, and musical performances from different acts. Ian was singing ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin’…a signature song of his. Music is in his veins…his name ‘Drew’, which is a name synonymous with The Dublners, may have given you a clue to that. We sound checked at 4pm that day for our 8:39pm ‘live-on-air’ performance that evening. Then we hung about and chatted with the celebs and drank tea in the green room until we were called. He sang and performed brilliantly to a lively, loud studio audience, and it was a privilege to be right there with him on stage playing guitar.
As soon as the four minutes of madness were over I had to begin my journey down to Cork. It was about a three or four hour drive. I was heading down there for a Friend/Family occasion, and I welcomed the little break after a busy few months! I was actually really looking forward to visiting Cork. I lived there for many years..working a day job and playing in bands. I think I spent the bones of seven years down there. That’s a large chunk of my life and so, so many memories were made down there. I spent two days down there in a beautiful town called Middleton, famous for its Jameson/Middleton Whiskey, Cheese, and just all round ‘loveliness’! I worked on building sites all around Cork City and county for a long time, and I even had a drink in a building I renovated! I was one of those annoying people pointing out to everyone as we drove around, where I lived, where I worked, and ate, and socialised…and stumbled out at 7am…. The memories just kept flooding my mind! Before I headed back to Dublin, I had a walk around Cork City itself. It’s amazing how you can have so many different adventures in life…so many segments..millions of little events and choices that make up your unique memories and experiences. Everything that makes you who you are today. This was a part of my life that made me who I am today. I miss Cork. I will always miss it and think fondly of it. Even the negatives, however dim they are now in my mind, don’t seem like negatives anymore…just life lessons. My brother and best friend are living in Cork now. They have invited me down any time for a visit and I’ll be sure to take them up on that offer in the very near future.

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