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A friend of the band is over this month in Ireland from Norway. A musician friend. And a very talented one. He plays percussion and drums. On our last visit to Oslo, we had discussed his impending trip to Ireland, and a tour he would be going on with his own music group. We spoke a bit about their schedule, but also gear they would need while they were here. We agreed he could borrow a drum kit of mine for the duration on the trip. He always looks after us in that respect when we go to Norway, so it was nice to be able to repay him with this gesture. I have to admit, I hadn’t really any excuse to be setting up drums lately, but I really wanted to… and this was the perfect excuse! I have very little space to have a drum kit in constant set up mode in my apartment..and with my vast collection of stringed instruments occupying every nook and cranny, real estate in the living room is invaluable! But I really enjoyed digging out one of my old kits. It was a decent set when I got it. And still is. It was actually an ‘in between’ kit I got a good deal on while I was waiting about 8 months for a customised super duper sixty three and a half piece drum kit to be made for me in the US. That particular one is still in storage and I couldn’t actually get to it for this particular occasion.I began piecing together all the parts of the drum kit on Sunday. It used to take me about 15 mins to set up my kit on stage….it took me and hour just to set up half of what I used to use at gigs! It was a strange feeling setting them up. It brought back lots of fond memories. It’s been about ten years since I played drums in a band. Actually, I did have an emergency situation about four or five years ago, where I had to swap my guitar for a drum kit at a gig with a band I played with. It seemed like a good option at the time, and perhaps we hadn’t much choice…but to make a long story short…It’s not like riding a bike. If playing a drum kit was like riding a bike, then that day, I was the equivalent of a young boy, uncomfortably situated with dangling legs either side of the crossbar of a mountain bike two sizes too big for him! It was terrible! I couldn’t believe how little I COULDN’T do! #DrummerFail .. I like to think I was a decent drummer ten years ago but it just goes to show you, that you need to keep things going and practiced …even if just to stay at the same level. In the coming months I’m hoping to get a few DIY recordings with drums on some tracks in the next six months or so….that will be interesting.. for the neighbours anyway….DRUM ROOOOLLLLLLLLL TA DA!

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