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Hey folks so this past week has been a mad week in my personal life!.. I had a great life changing day!..
For this day, I had all my family around me at once so it was great. A lot of my family are all spread throughout Ireland and the UK so it’s always great to get together with my brothers and sisters and of course cousins and my uncles and aunties!? I also have had some family friends from south America from Brazil so I had to brush up on my Portuguese which wasn’t easy but was fun to refresh my memory.
I read somewhere one time that musicians have great memory skills because we remember lyrics and chords and tunes and notes!.. I know believe that to be true as it didn’t take too long to remember some Portuguese that I haven’t spoken in quite a while..
The other night I was coming home from a gig with peter and saw one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Their was a guy walking his jack Russell near the shop I stopped at and it had a jacket on just like his owner!.. but the coolest part was when he put the Jack Russell in a basket on the back of his motorcycle and put motorcycle goggles on him and off they went!..
All I was thinking at the time was I would need a big bike to be able to do that with my #Tedthedog ??
Well anyway that’s all from me for this week folks until next week over and out!… ?-J #Lovenafianna


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