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It’s 11pm and I’ve just been out on my balcony listening and watching the night go by with a glass of Merlot. Fancy me. It was very peaceful with only an odd cry from a curlew in the nearby water and some passing cars humming down the coastal road. Suddenly, a banger, or fire cracker, went off at a nearby street more inland. Halloween is near. The bang had other implications than the operator had imagined it would have caused. I guess they did not notice what I had. The loud bang had completely startled every single bird sleeping on the water and shores of Bull Island. It was amazing. Although, I felt sorry for the birds being awakened during their slumber, it was great to hear them come alive in a flurry of cries and shrieks that lasted for a mere 20 seconds and then back to complete silence apart from the odd cry from a curlew or a passing car humming down the coastal road. There’s a lot of life just outside my apartment block and this was a beautiful yet unfortunate reminder.


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