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Ok..I admit it..I have a problem…but what guitarist doesn’t?!!…We always seem to have at least three guitars on our shopping list. It’s ridiculous really… I blogged last week about my ‘first real six string’ and thinking about it now…that little Takamine guitar would have sufficed for the past six or seven years of my playing… But there are so many beautiful guitars out there…I can’t just commit to just one! I don’t practice stringed-monogyny .. It’s just too difficult to walk by a brand new shiny electric guitar or even a battered old acoustic bursting with personality without asking yourself the question ‘how cool would this be?’…oh yeah and its a rhetorical question too.
I have a nice little collection of instruments, not just guitars, and that’s maybe what I see myself as also. A collector. I don’t buy crap either… well much crap 🙂 …I have very nice and very unique instruments, from English hand made tenor guitars, and baritone ukes imported from Hawaii, to second hand Irish made acoustics, and ‘god only knows how old’ fiddles. I love how the old instruments have stories…and I love how the new ones are part of my own story, and I’m the first part of theirs…I also love how they sound and feel to play of course!
I’ve bought a few things on a whim or impulse, and possibly regret one or two but it’s a learning curve. You may get the wrong thing when you don’t know what you’re looking for. But that will only happen once.
I’m learning a bit more about the world of electrics…Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, PRS, etc…so much to learn about. As the title of this blog reads…I have to confess I had a moment of weakness last week when i spotted a guitar in Waltons in town as I was on an emergency string run. It was a very cheap 3/4 size Epiphone. It was exactly what I was looking for …and I didn’t even know it! I went home and researched the guitar and what my plans were for it. So I swung by the music shop the next day for…em…er…another emergency string run..and walked away with a cheap little guitar…for which I have BIG plans… I have entered the world of guitar ‘modding’ .
Watch this space and tune in next week for
‘Confessions of a Guitarist. 🙂

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