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The first blog I posted on here two years ago, was about a little guitar, a Takamine, I bought back around six or seven years ago. I wrote about how it was my first real pro guitar, and my experience buying it. I think I also wrote about what prompted me to blog about that guitar…I had been home in Laois (where I grew up) and I had come across the case from the guitar in my old bedroom..(kinda been used as a storage room to my parents dislike…)The empty case was there but the guitar wasn’t.. My little Tak had gone through a lot of gigs, festivals, sessions, trips and rehearsals in….lets say, the four years that I had owned it. It was getting repaired and modified and it was an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind if thing.
I had purchased lots more guitars since then so I was busy digging into them!
My guitar guy had a few personal set backs, as we do in life, and my guitar got pushed to the wayside for quite a while…about two years. But last week I got it back! Only a musician, especially a guitarist, knows what it’s like to get one of your favourite guitars, your baby, back after a lenghty stint in the workshop..and that usually is only a couple of weeks!
So now my little Takamine is back in my hands…and I missed it! It feels so great to play. I’ve been gigging and rehearsing on it all week! I even got the old tattered and worn case from Laois…so they can be reunited at last!
Watch out for the Tatty Tak making an appearance in a few songs.

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