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I wrote last week about my new DIY Studio, and how I had plans to try free up some time to use it.. that was what yesterday (Sunday) was all about..I had a long, busy week and was looking forward to a bit of a lie in that morning, and a lengthy stint in the adjacent ‘no longer a bedroom’, studio. Somewhere along the way my plans were hijacked..I was up earlier than usual and found myself out in the RDS (a type of convention centre) at the National Craft & Design Fair. Abandoning whatever plans I had to do some recording that day, I decided to embrace my inner crafty self….knitting needles thrust high above my head ( figuratively speaking) I mumbled to myself …onwards!!!…to the coffee stand firstly…
I was also into craft… in fact from an early age I was into ‘make and do’. I made my own toys from maula, pipe cleaners, steel and copper wire from electrical cable (as my dad was and electrician), foam and basically anything I could get my hands on…I vividly remember making a space ship from an egg carton and a plastic lemonade bottle, with crew members of pipe cleaners and maula on board… 🙂 I eventually went on to completing my Degree in Art/Design Sculpture in Limerick School of Art & Design, based on the same creative attributes as when I flew my egg carton spaceship around the house. Art is a funny thing..
There is immense talent and creativity in this world and it only took but a few minutes of meandering in and out of the various stalls at the Craft Fair to see this. Hand made, hats and slippers, children’s books and toys and teddys, paintings and photos and frames and games,
Jam and Honey and Bread and Biscuits, blankets and baubles, and tables and trinkets..and a Santy in an old Irish Phone Box..
Everything you could imagine..and some you could have never had imagined!
I was actually quite inspired by my trip to the Craft & Design fair, and have already signed up for a free ticket next year… hopefully I’ll have enough time spent in the studio by then to merit a day off, and to revisit my crafty inner self
-Ciarán #lovenafianna

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