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Hey there folks this week’s blog is a double whammy as it’s been as we say in Ireland flat to the mat!… which basically means very busy!. I’ve had loads to do in my own personal life at the minute so I’ve been running around like a headless chicken!?.. but it’s all been a fun experience as well as new experiences! You learn something new every day!..
But also on top of that we had lots of new things happening in Na Fianna also. Last week we had an interview with the whole 10MGT company camera crew, sound engineer, interviewer the lot!.. and of coarse the Craic and the banter as always!..? It felt like we were on J-Leno or something !??..

Once that was done in headed to Dundalk for a radio interview with Dundalk FM for an hour and got to pick all the songs for the show!.. it was great Craic!…
After that we had the lead up to Norway. We were playing in The Dubliner Irish bar in Oslo!. We were rehearsing and doing preparations for the upcoming tour which we were all excited about!.. We flew out to Norway Tuesday afternoon and got settled in to our apartment before starting our four nights of gigging!.. This trip was good Craic and we played lots together. Outside of gigging and went for walks around Oslo.
Right near our apartment the police had their horse pins and every day I walked up to them and fed them grass and apple’s!. They loved it!.. love horses?
Also in Norway, over the past couple of years we have built up a fan Base which is great because they know all our songs and sing them back to us!.. one of our fans did an awesome drawing of Na Fianna as warriors and made us four t-shirts. They’re class!.. we did lots of videos and live feed videos this trip which was a lot of fun this time also… but now we’re back in Dublin and ready to keep on trucking!… well that’s all from me for now folks until next time over and out!?-J #Lovenafianna




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