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At the moment my brother Conor is here visiting for a week or two. He lives and works in Belgium right now, but is considering a move back to Ireland. If you have been following things on Twitter these past eighteen months, you will notice that Conor is one of a few photoshop pranksters that likes to digitally pop our faces onto famous photos, movie posters, weird pictures…and anything really! He managed to find the most unflattering picture of my face and now he won’t stop using it!
It’s good fun having him around and as photography is part of his job in Belgium I have been using him to get a few pictures of us during our gigs! For FREEEE! 🙂 Well he IS lazing about my house all day eating my food and drinking my coffee, so he’s really just paying his way.
IMG_6487Conor loves the craic in Dublin. He loves the gigs and the music. He caught a nice selection of gigs this week in the city. From a solo to a Huckleberry Jam gig,  and from an Irish Show to a crazy gig with James! He’s been there snapping away and I’m impressed so far with some of the shots! I recently just bought a nice new DSLR camera myself so I intend to get a few lessons from him. I studied photography before in college, way way way…way back..(I don’t even think there was Digital cameras then!I forgot a lot of it. I’m really enjoying getting back into it. It’s a far cry from what I’m used to on my Iphone. I love taking photos on that and dressing them and using creative  filters ( like us all!) but there’s only so far an Iphone camera will take you. We have a few Na Fianna gigs coming up so I’m hoping Conor will stick around for a bit longer and get involved with them. Watch out for his photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram and basically everywhere!
Ciarán #lovenafianna #Na Fianna

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