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I went to see Wally Page play last Friday night. He performs once a month in Annesley House just five minutes from where I live along the North Strand Road with a group of seriously talented musicians including famous guitarist Johnny Mulhern. Wally Page is little known to the wider community but has enough fans to hold this intimate gig every month. People just love his songs and performance, and I’m no different. He sings, plays guitar and is a prolific songwriter. He writes songs for many artists but most notably for Christy Moore. He wrote such popular folk songs such as “Duffy’s Cut”, “Hey Paddy” and “Smoke and Strong Whiskey”, the latter one is a song I would consider in my top three all-time favourite songs. There’s a sense of reality in his lyrics and some words he uses has grabbed my attention to make him a firm favourite of mine. He wrote this lyric in “Smoke and Strong Whiskey” which I think is class, “…….while the newspaper feeds, on the blood and the pain, and the hatred.” It’s referring to Irelands troubled history. When I sing it, I always try to let the words shine through and entice people to listen to them. So the gig on Friday was very good indeed, minus the chatterers and natterers over by the bar…..I’m not sure why they pay to come in and then pay very little attention to the music at all. Maybe they are brought by their partners or friends not knowing Wally Page so I can forgive them for that I suppose. Besides it didn’t really spoil the night either way, I was happy in my seat and getting angry is not my game! So Wally has recently recorded a Stable Sessions album at around the same period we were doing ours. I am really looking forward to hearing his songs through the magic of the Stable Sessions crew and surroundings. Keep an eye out for this album, you won’t be disappointed.

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