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We are fast approaching the summer festival season, and the  Na Fianna calendar is quickly becoming full! Not counting the two TradFests we played at this year so far in Dublin and Kilkenny, AND the headline performances in The Guinness Storehouse for the St. Patricks Day Festival, we have a ton of cool shows in 2016! We are back bringing things to the boil four nights in a row main stage at Taste of Dublin Festival this year in July. And with rumours of a VIP official TasteFest launch gig in April, it seems the taste of summer gigs has come early! We also have a plethora of European festival headline slots booked in from Germany to Italy! There are some great Irish festivals along with the Dublin Taste Festival that we are looking forward too. Drimoleague is fast approaching and will see us making a trip down to James and Peter’s neck of the woods. I’m really looking forward to playing more around Ireland as I think Irish people are a bit sceptical about what Irish Folk Influenced bands have to offer. I also love festival season as I love prepping the tools of my trade. Making sure that all my guitars are ‘set up, juiced up, strung up, tuned up….to be eventually turned up’ , to Rock out! (I even laugh a bit myself when I say ‘rock out ’ seeing as we are a type of folk band but that’s how i see it!)It takes a lot of time, and I don’t mind saying…money to get stuff right for a pro muso! Myself? I tend to get very into the tools of my trade. It’s what I like. Any old guitar or amp wont do. I am Irish, but I draw the line for things being ‘grand’ when it comes to my gear! Right now I got a good relationship going with a souped up, customised Maton Mini. And Elixir Strings keep me slippin’ and sliding’ up and down the fret for weeks if I’m running low on energy (lazy) to do a full string change! Then it’s my trusty Shure Beta 58 mic. I take it to all gigs. Even if there’s a mic supplied Ill try use my Beta. Hygienic reasons (I won’t get into details), for as well as sound! 🙂 I think prepping is everything! So prep yourselves for 2016! We’re going to be! Ciarán 

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