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I feel good today after a great week gigging in the Guinness Storehouse with Na Fianna. There are unreal amounts of people who walk through the doors of that building, from Mongolia to St. Helena, and I hope we’ve entertained anyone who happened to come across us playing in there. It’s really nice to get some feedback from our gigs too, through Twitter mostly. It means that people actually use up some precious time from their day to compliment our music. That’s quite a nice thing to do and an awesome compliment. The Guinness Storehouse is a great place to drink also, it’s so safe and any customer who may have tendencies to cause havoc is very quickly, but kindly briefed and all is good. Overall, the place is quite strict with their drinking policies which is a good thing, but so much so that it even seeps in to our set…we are forbidden to talk about drink, reference it in any way, or even think about thinking about drink in any sense of the word. (“Drinking is bad” said Guinness.) Anyway, this becomes surprisingly hard as we’re going from song to song and introducing each one as it comes. First up….”Three Drunken Maidens”…ah….second song…”All For Me Grog”…hmmmm…ok here’s a famous song called “Whiskey In The Jar”…oh feck it, I’m in trouble!! Then we have to bite our lips when the awkward funny guy in the audience decides to fall over himself doing a Michael Flatley jig whilst spilling his Guinness over his hair as he attempts the flying karate kid kick of Lord Of The Dance. It ain’t easy being an Irish musician in the Guinness Storehouse for Paddy’s week that’s for sure,…..but I love it and I hope to be back again next year and many years to come!

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