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We have just released our first single from out latest forthcoming album. The song is Haul Away Joe. Haul Away Joe is a sea shanty or chantey….or to be more precise, fore-sheet, sweating-up, or short haul chantey, or shanty….I know, it’s very complex trying to understand the literature of maritime songs. I’ll explain some day about it’s deep ins and outs even though I don’t fully understand it all myself but I’ll try explain to the best of my knowledge. However, the single is great I think. We actually sang it today in rehearsals and it sounded fantastic still as we have not gigged it yet so it kinda got pushed aside for now. In saying that, it will definitely be heard through the hallways and rooms of the Guinness Storehouse during our gigs this week. Ciarán takes the lead in this song, with myself, Peter, and James sitting in behind him providing harmonies and some “Ha Hum” sound effects. This shanty, like most shanties, is a work song usually sang by gangs of sailors whilst they hauled on the ships ropes to lower or raise the sails so we tried to demonstrate this sound…the sound of a coordinated working environment through voice. Then there is electric guitar instead of a typical traditional instrument or no instrument at all. In Ciarán’s own words he said this about the song: “We broke this old sea shanty right down to almost A Capella. We really wanted to add another element to the song though. So we came up with a ‘heave ho’ type sound to help drive home the idea of this being a sea shanty but also something else to give it a contemporary edge. There is a very minimalist ‘chugging’ electric guitar that sits in behind with the lead vocal melody but also the vocal movements.” The end product is something new and refreshing to the ear. It will certainly stand out from the rest of the songs on the album but we are still looking forward to unleashing the rest of the pack in to the public. Release date for the album, called “Haul Away” is just around the corner on 31st of March, but in the meantime, grab a beer, a paddle boat, and some rope, and waddle out across the nearest duck pond with Haul Away Joe in your headphones! It always goes down nicely!

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