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I was heroic last night. I performed a gig with a voice that was completely out of shape and in no way prepared for a two hour show of singing. I only had a mere 15% voice projection. I was speaking quite low and croaky. I was just above the cusp of completely not being able to talk as the pesky frogs had invaded my throat and made it their home for the last couple of days. I tried to seek a replacement singer to do the gig instead of me but that was to no avail. So, it was all up to me. The time had come, the show must go on. I flew up to the skies above Dublin city, with my cloak flapping in the wind and the tenor guitar beneath it, to my gig in the Arlington Hotel. I dodged the arrows of oncoming Brent geese flying in their Vs back to Bull Island. I had a flapping battle with the angry, squawking sea gulls over the markets, and I grazed my knee off the point at the top of The Spire on O’Connell Street, to finally make to my destination. I couldn’t believe I was going to take on a two hour show singing in my shape…but heroic I said, and heroic I was. My last song was ‘Iko Iko’ and I sang it with a grin throughout and with a great satisfaction that I’ve completed the gig. Each song was lowered in key, in some songs I had lowered three keys below what I would normally sing the song in, but it worked and I got through it. It’s amazing what one can do when one has no other choice but to do it. You gather whatever strength is needed and get on with it. This super hero is hitting the Lemsip hard today and maybe a hot whiskey to treat myself……..medically, of course.

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