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As Na Fianna rehearsals continue, myself and Booy, have been trying to hone in on our little duo, ‘Huckleberry Jam’, and we’ve been tightening up with our own practice sessions….and it’s not sounding so little anymore! It’s something that we’ve always had in mind for the past few years, but just never had the time to pump in to it. We are managing right now through some ‘live’ rehearsals which can be a little shakey at times…but It’s really only us that notice those things…and some home rehearsals (helps when theres coffee always brewing!) The stuff seems to have a differrent vibe to Na Fianna. The set has a nice mix of originals and traditional folk songs, with majority looking like originals. Without a doubht Booy has a great song writing head…me… perhaps not as much, but I think as I’m well into the music/melody/arrangement part of things, we make a good team. We are working in between our Na Fianna slots to pickup a few nice shows in the next year….and we already have a little something lined up in a few weeks that we are pretty excited about! Keep an eye on Twitters @nafiannamusic @huckjam @keyfinn @Hughbanjo and our Respective artist pages on facebook, and of course Huckleberry Jam on facebook.

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