This week has been a mostly indoorsy week. I have been nursing a flu since new year, and so most of that was spent in a bed or couch, with a few breaks for my gigs. For some reason it became quite busy last week, I was getting text messages every day about gig’s, and being at the height of the flu, so the last thing i wanted to do was move even a inch, never mind play a gig. But money is a great persuader, so I said yes to all, and of course it was worth it. This week has been a little quieter, which is a good thing, as I now can rest properly. I think I may have unearthed an old skill of mine, which was sleeping. As the old saying goes, I could sleep for Ireland. No alarm powerful enough, any amount of noise came up lacking in wake-up-effectiveness, so much so that I personally think that what I had was a skill. Somehow, over the years, I lost that skill, and now I am awake at the first beep of my alarm, nowadays it would be very strange if I sleep through it. This week however, I managed to rack up about 17 hours in one day. It’s certainly not the coolest thing to be bragging about, I mean I was sick so I probably really needed it, and I had an obvious advantage in being unwell, but all I’m looking for is maybe like a high five or something, it is quite the feat.

Of course though, all my time was not spent in the lull of a dream. While conscious, I did a lot of recording with my new Tanglewood. It is very different than my other guitars, its an effortless guitar to play, and some of the recording had come out very well. I do however have a little bit of investment to do in equipment. Some of the gear is a little dated now, and an upgrade is needed. Asides from this, it’s just been the usual old week. Next week will be different though, as I will be going on a long awaited holiday….

Can. Not. Wait.

Till next time… – P

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