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We have successfully launched our new single “Je Suis Irlandaise” this week. The response from everyone online has been great. We’ve counted up lots of shares and kind comments about the song on Facebook, and the same with twitter, getting mentioned by lots and lots of people ie., and Irish boxing champion Katie Taylor. It’s great to see people getting behind your band during this time of the Euro’s, and help push the song along to different people. We are delighted to be donating all of the proceeds to charity, the homeless situation is something we as a band feel very strongly about.


We are also very busy with other things at the moment, we are in rehearsals our upcoming gigs in poyenberg in Germany this coming weekend, which I am really looking forward to, Germany is one of my favourite places to go! We are also working on some new materiel for an upcoming cd real soon. Seems like oh yesterday that we had completed SS2, but being busy is a good thing, the train mustn’t stop!

Till next time – P

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