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I have been focusing my attention on recording again these past two week’s, all on my little laptop. I swear, that is one of the best investments I have made. So far, it has played a blinder as we say here in Ireland, it has never let me down. Mostly it has been guitar that I’ve been recording with, to the delight of my neighbours, drumming can be a little loud! It is suiting me at the moment, as I am trying to do more guitar gigs as of late, ya know, mix things up a bit!

Last week I signed up to do something I had never done before, boxing. There is a charity called The Umbrella Foundation, who hold an event called “Brawl For Nepal”. It is aimed at raising money for the people of Nepal, and to do so, you must sign up to do 8 weeks of training and get sponsors to donate money to the charity. I started last Monday, and it was a real eye opener as to what “fit” really means. I obviously did not know. Coming into it, I had a little jogging as my background in fitness, but nothing like this. This was a different ball game. 1 hour of intense training, it was like nothing I’ve done before, and I have 7/8 weeks to go! I am looking forward to the end of it, hopefully I will be fit once again! This week I will be starting to get my sponsorship, at the end of the day that is the real aim of the whole thing.

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