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It’s Monday morning and I’m just back from a walk along the pier or commonly known as the North Bull Wall at Dollymount Strand. It’s a lovely way to clear the head after a hectic weekend of gigging and whatever. The morning was fine. The clouds were extra special too as they displayed themselves in an amazing pattern in the sky. Only last week I’ve been wondering that I haven’t seen fish swimming near the surface of the water like I did this time last year….until this morning, that is, there they were….schools of mullet I think they are. It’s so nice to walk along the wooden bridge and peer in at the masses of big fish tumbling about on the surface of the water. It’s a sight to behold. Seagulls and other preying birds don’t even bother with them as I doubt that they could fit one of these bad boys down their beaks or even to lift it out of the water to dry land. There were also an array of birds out there as usual, from the herring to the curlew, and watching the sanderling and dunlin flying over my head is breathtaking, it’s a truly awesome sight to behold. I’m very lucky to have this natural wonder on my doorstep in the form of Bull Island. I feel it helps me survive the hustle bustle of city life a little easier, or just to walk away the Monday morning blues!

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