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It’s Monday morning and I’ve been woken by a call from the delivery man, well in this case it was a delivery woman. My package has arrived from Thomann. For anyone who is not aware of Thomann, they are a music distributor from Germany and have an awesome array of equipment for every style and level of musician and everything in between. I bought a few basics from strings to leads and also something as big as a new banjo pickup. I felt my original one on my banjo was not performing so well so I went and got a new one….but since I’ve ordered it, the old one is sounding lovely again. Typical. It probably knew it was going to be replaced and recovered a new lease of life for itself. So now I’m thinking a need a new banjo to necessitate the new banjo pickup!! I suppose this is the life a musician, continuously trying to improve on your sound and thinking of buying new instruments all the time with limited funds allowed for musical follies. I also found myself in a local music shop here in Dublin the other day and I bought a slider. I am thinking of trying to play slide banjo on my electric banjo. I’m not sure if it will work, and I have no clue how to play slide but I will enjoy finding out. In the meantime, we are all waiting patiently for our latest album to be released, Stable Sessions Volume 3. We don’t even know the release date yet but it has to be close anyway, if not around Christmas time, it’s sure to be January. We’ll be all listening to Na Fianna cosying up in front of the fire to wipe away the January blues.

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