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So this week has been a normal typical week!..except I had my van stolen and lots of personal stuff and tools inside!
It is a pretty horrible feeling when this happens as the sentimental value of my stuff is the most important thing rather than the van itself!. But sometimes in life bad things happen but I’ll just try to keep my chin up and keep on trucking!????.. I’ve been working away on some new music for another new album we are thinking about!
I love the creative side of making music but sometimes I end up scratching the hole idea and start all over again if I am not happy!.. my dog Ted I think has met a new lady friend!???? ha.
When I take him to the park lately their is this beautiful little springer spaniel he has taken a shine to!…
Today they played for over an hour together!. It was so great to see and cheered me right up!..  Other than that folks all is pretty normal with gigging and every day to day life!.
The weather is picking up a little thank God!… I love the longer days with some sunshine!. Until next time folks ????-j 

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