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Our new album is here! Finally after all this time, our new Stable Sessions album “Haul Away” has been released. I have not had a chance to even hear it yet, and so I will be relying on all the feedback we get from fans everywhere, though, as I write this, I am just itching to hear it back. There was quite a lot of work in it, all those months back, but indeed the land of music is a busy one, and that continues up to right now, where we are all knee deep in gigs. There has not really been much let up since last week in terms of gigs. At the moment I feel like Jim Carey from the movie “Yes Man”. I haven’t turned down one gig that has been offered to me, purely out of stubbornness against my lazy self, the part of me that would love a day off. Days off come when the time is right, and if you have been working a lot, then it makes them even sweeter.

I happened to get two nights off this weekend by chance, and they came at the right time. It was my brothers 30th birthday this weekend, so I was able to get away for a while and celebrate it. I had Friday and Sunday off, so I took advantage and went down on Friday, coming back up Saturday to do my gigs, and then hit the road again on Sunday morning. It was a lot of driving, but it was very worth it. I hadn’t been home in many months, and so I wanted to make the most of my time off, even if it meant travelling over and back the breath of the country. I could write for hours on the details, but in keeping it short and sweet, it was a great night/few days.

Till next time – P

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