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I was in Oslo for the fourth time in two years with Na Fianna last week. It was a tremendous few days of music in The Dubliner Folk Pub as we feel more and more at ease playing there each time we visit and the music shines through. The town itself has become very charming to me. I found myself sitting by the fortress, high above the town’s inlet where the boats come in and out to the city, one evening whilst I was there. I took out my phone and wrote a short poem about Oslo as I sat there. We really enjoy playing in Norway and the warm welcome we receive each time makes the heart grow fonder for the place. See you next time Oslo.


The town is protected by Akershus Fort
The sun has strewn itself over the fjord
Triangle shapes sail along the glistened water
An hour has passed, the church bells shudder
The masts of the boats move, clink and clank
And Seagulls cry high above the grass bank
I see boats called Huldra and Styrbjorn,
Unlike Saoires and Caoimhes of my home
The wind picks up and the flags fly harder
It chills faster this high in the hemisphere,
The clouds begin to plume and cover the sun
Nordic Gods have spoken, the evening’s begun.

The gulls once crying now tucking their beaks
Beneath their coat of smooth weathered wings.
As I look down at Oslo as the evening sets in,
My mind ventures in history’s imagination,
I imagined how the inlet once felt centuries gone
Did Vikings roar “Pull” in their ancient tongue?
Were the banks littered of wooden boat builders?
Drinking heavily and fighting their brothers.
Did Their Gods of sea usher more glories
Setting sail to lands of myths & old stories.
Though I imagine the water still glistened
Like today, and forever I’ll live with it’s vision.

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