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It’s paddy’s week this year again. It really doesn’t be long coming around. It’s always a good week every year, busy but good. We were booked in for 4 days in the Guinness Storehouse, from Thursday to Sunday. It was a 4-6 slot we had, most of the days I had other gigs to do also, mostly solo stuff on the guitar. They all slotted around the Guinness Storehouse gigs conveniently, so there was no need to move anything around, which was handy!

The days went really well. The Thursday really felt like the calm before the storm, with a good crowd of people, who were nicely toasted from their Guinness. Not too big of a crowd, but they were all very into it. Paddy’s day was madness as expected, full to the brim with people enjoying many pints of Guinness. I had just the one gig that day, which suited me perfect. The next two days were really great gigs for us. The crowd died down just a little, but it was actually much better craic, especially Sunday. That was probably the best gig of them all. We were very tight after the four days, and the crowd were very into it, thus bringing that energy back to us.

As always, the long expected days flew by as they always do, and now it’s back to rehearsals. This year is looking to be quite a busy one!

Till next time – P

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