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These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least, with the release of our new cd/dvd “stablesessions 2”, Paddy’s week, the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 easter rising and all the gigs intertwined, it feels like driving down a motor way at 100mph for a whole month, well that’s definitely an exaggeration but you get the idea! So with this we decided it was time for a little meeting, just to Regroup our thoughts and over see the progress that has been made and to look at what plans the future holds for us. We held it at our managers office just outside Dublin and went over the game plan for the next few months, and without saying much it’s looking very exciting indeed!

I had Friday off this week so I decided to go down to my home in Limerick and do a little visiting, and to see a new member of the family, and no, not an actual baby, but cute none the less 🙂

I left on Saturday not wanting to leave the puppy, but the music won’t play itself so I headed back up at around 4 o clock, with some of my journey being through some April snow! But after that it quickly turned back into good aul reliable rain; back to normality again!

Till next week – P

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