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These past few weeks have been really, really busy. Last week for St. Patricks day, which brought in a lot of gig’s right up until Sunday. The next day on Monday morning, we were all in rehearsals for a new show that we will be doing very soon. This show has got it all, music by ourselves, drummers and dancers, light show, animations, flame throwers, the lot! The show had to be presented to the owners on Wednesday and we went in Monday morning with no idea what we were going to do. We needed to tie together with the dancers and drummers. We had our set of songs, but the layout was non existent, so from Monday to Wednesday, we had to put some serious work in to get this thing right. On Monday, I brought all of my drum gear with me, but when I arrived I was informed that it would be just the Bodhrán, and with that I would be doing a solo, not too bad I thought! I don’t have enough bodhrán gig’s anyway, so this was kind of needed for me. I spent most of Monday afternoon with the drummers and dancers putting together this piece. It was the thing that would take the most amount of work really, as we had all our songs anyway, we just needed to pick a few song’s and tunes to make up one hour of material. On Wednesday, we showed it to the owners, and thankfully they liked it all. So now we need to put in another week getting a full 2 hour show together. Busy times ahead!

Aside from that, I have been getting back into the fitness side of things again. I have let my foot off the gas ever since my little boxing competition (did I mention that I won that before? #champ), so i needed to get back on the fitness horse again. I had only been running in dribs and drabs. I was doing 3.2 miles, really inconsistently, maybe once a week, so I decided to pull it back in distance and pick up the pace instead, so I went for just 2 miles. The first day, I did it in 17:25, the next day I ran 17:13, so a little improvement, but very little i thought. The next day felt twice as hard, I was just tired the whole way through it. I thought to myself that I may probably get worse before I get better, so I would not give myself a hard time if i did worse. To my surprise, I ran it in 16:13, exactly one minute after than the previous! I was actually ecstatic when I seen this, as I must have been really pushing myself harder than I thought. That really is a great feeling to push yourself to your limits, there is no feeling quite like it. I guess it kind of tied in with the week, as we all pushed ourselves to the limit in terms of music, putting together a show that was so fresh in our heads but still showcasing it, and for it to work out well in the end.

I think it is important to push yourself to the limit, because you don’t know where your limit is until you come close to it, or surpass it. It’s my experience that you will always surprise yourself when you do. Well, most of the time….

Till next time – P

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