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About a week after we uploaded ‘Queen Jane’ from our Stable Sessions 2, I came across a video on my laptop,(also up on youtube), we made rehearsing that same song a few months back. Deep down in the bowels of the Temple Bar Music Centre is where we do most of our practice. I like the idea of taking a song from scratch and working on it as a band to present it a bit differently.. not for the sake of being different..but for the sake of creativity and challenging ourselves as a band. I put together a little clip including the rehearsal footage, a few seconds of behind the scenes ‘vagueness’ and then a section from the finished video/song from The Stable Sessions itself. It’s a brief fleeting kind of transition between the rehearsals clip and the Stables Studio clip…But thats how it feels in real life. There’s a lot of long days and nights preparation put in before we head into the studio usually, but crunch time comes so fast, and before we know it, we are in the studio ready for a take. It’s nice to see a difference in the clips when they are side by side… There’s the obvious visual and sound quality contrast between the IPhone/Zoom camera/audio respectively, and the Stables equivalent, as 10 Music Managements team of camera crew, sound men and post- production engineers are above par when it comes to a professional music production of this type. We have another few videos from SS2 to officially upload to Youtube so I’m going to dig out a few more Rehearsal clips from those songs. Check out @nafiannamusic on twitter for links to all our videos on Facebook and YouTube.
– CiarĂ¡n


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