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It’s been just over a month since our release of Stable Sessions 2. Time is flying by so fast this year. I remember waiting for the album to be released myself in February and I thought the time will never come. Listening back over an album that you have completed, I always learn so much. I would change so much details throughout Stable Sessions 2 on my own behalf. It’s not saying anything was terribly wrong, but rather just play or sing differently. This is why I love recording music, it truly inspires me to be even more prepared next time around whilst it’s a valuable learning curve too in the music business. I know a fella who plays an accordion (and it’s not James) in Dublin, and he is is one of the best players on the planet. He is a world renowned player on the traditional Irish music scene with immense talent. I’ve played many times with him during my time playing on the Celtic Nights Show in Dublin city centre and he’s a pleasure to play alongside. He can play slowly with oodles of emotion or as fast as one can possibly play. Anyway, this guy has never recorded an album. Legend has it, that he received a grant many years ago worth fifteen thousand pound from the arts council of Ireland and he never actually used that money to record. He didn’t record because he wasn’t happy with how the tunes he played sounded. He was never happy with what he came up with. As soon as he went to record, it didn’t sound right to him. Thats mad really, but these talented fellas can be strange with their music. Now at 45 or so years of age, he still hasn’t a solo album to his name which he completely deserves. I remember learning about this and decided that won’t be me. I will accept the mistakes and the level of playing I was at for each recording and move on to become stronger.
To this date, I have contributed, in vain, quite a bit in the recording world for someone who only started music as their outright career in 2012. Nearly each recording was done through my current manager with Na Fianna. The first one was with my first professional band called PĂșca. The song was a supporters song for Irish soccer teams venture to a the European Cup in Poland/Ukraine. It was adopted and sponsored by a big shot newspaper called The Sunday World. That was a crazy experience. Then I actually helped put backing vocals on (the original line-up) Na Fianna’s song for their support for the same tournament. Moving on, I recorded again with PĂșca, and it was my first full album do do. We sold it throughout my whole time performing the Celtic Nights Show and many tourists now have it in their CD collections. One set of tunes from that album had made it on to a Titanic Centenary CD that was sold worldwide. Then there was the Na Fianna adventure starting off with the privilege of singing backing vocals on two tracks from Johnny McEvoy’s 2014 album, Basement Sessions. Then came the Stable Sessions. That was actually released and distributed in to music shops around Ireland as well as media coverage on magazines. Following that, there was Toora Loora Lay which was a massive single release and that had made it on to national and international radio stations. A big hit for a new band. That song was followed by Lakes of Pontchartrain, which was recorded separately, as was Toora Loora Lay, to the rest of the forthcoming album Unearthed. Our friend, Daithi Rua, had written his own lyrics to the Lakes Of Pontchartrain and had us record it for his Harvest album. That Summer in 2015, we created and recorded Unearthed. Our first full studio album that I am very proud of still to this day. That made waves through the music scene here in Ireland and put us on the map. That brings me up to the current release of Stable Sessions 2, and there is no stopping me here. There is interesting side projects and bigger and better Na Fianna albums to come.

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