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Well folks it’s been a week since we got home from Norway!… First time I’ve been there and the weather was warm!.. but since I’ve come back its been the same here in Ireland!.. September is normally a dull rainy miserable time of year but this week we have been getting weather between 15-25oc which is almost unheard of for this time of year or anytime of the year to be honest?
This week has been a nice relaxing week to be honest I’ve a big day in my life coming up this week and have been enjoying the easy week that I’ve had!.. just did a few gigs and apart from that just did some relaxing!… it’s a strange feeling to relax as I’m normally so busy!.
But I’m not complaining about it as I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!?saw this guy playing guitar on Grafton Street the other day he played the Guirtar, as I call it, “slappy hand style” ha ha but he was amazing I posted a video on twitter if anyone wants to see it!.
His name was Joncan Kavlakoglu and he was amazing!… I love how you can just walk down a busy Street and see such amazing talent!. Listening to the guy – J

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