January is nearly over, the blues are disappearing, it’s time to pull up the sleeves and take on another year. Even though, it has already been quite an eventful start to the year as I’ve already travelled to Europe, released a few youtube music videos with a side project, and to top it off, I played support (along with my brother Ciaran) to the amazing Sharon Shannon at the Temple Bar Trad Fest. It was a serious big deal for me to support an icon such as herself so we took that gig very seriously and it went very well. I remember this time last year we had supported Stockton’s Wing at the same festival with Na Fianna. I’m truly honoured and privileged to be given these chances in my life and I hope I’m grabbing them with both hands in terms of performance. It’s a great festival, The Temple Bar Trad Fest, as there’s so many big names in the Irish music world performing there over the few days. I remember last year I wrote a full blog on an artist I had seen during the festival by the name of Dick Gaughan. He was truly captivating. This year I did not have the luxury to go to any gigs, but I did manage to see an exhibition of an Irish banjo player and singer called Margaret Barry. I’ve become familiar with her music and life this past year and I’m a big fan. She was part of the traveller community and a great influence on many of the folk heroes that we know of today. She influenced the likes of Barney McKenna, Luke Kelly, Finbar Furey, and Sean Tyrell to name just a few. I was very glad to see this exhibition honouring her and I hope she becomes more known to folk music lovers all over the world.
Closer to home, Na Fianna are edging ever closer to the release date for our fourth album. That is right. Fourth album. I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I ant dreaming that I have been involved in four albums with Na Fianna in less than three years. I’ve only started playing music professionally back in 2012 and what a whirlwind adventure it’s been so far. And let me take this opportunity to thank our supporters, fans, and friends in the real world and on social media….they are amazing. During these past few months, things can get kind of quiet in Winter but the support never lags. I understand it now when successful bands face stadiums of people and praise their fans so overwhelming, as its them you drive you along.
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