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I had a lovely weekend in a castle down the country at the foothills of the Slieve Bloom mountains. I was there because of a family party celebrating one of my nearest and dearest birthdays. It was a great night. We dressed in medieval attire and there was almost fifty family and friends there so we were quite the spectacle. A wedding also took place in another part of the castle that night so they must have been looking at us thinking we were a little mad and a little late for Halloween. Anyway, the party wouldn’t of been a “Finn” party unless there was music, so we all brought whatever we played along with us, banjos, guitars, tin whistles, tenor guitars, fiddles, and even the complex spoons. When the music started, the party started. I was sitting there dressed a s King Aragorn from The Lord Of The Rings playing banjo, it was a strange feeling to say the least. I loved the night of music as nearly everyone that could play an instrument or sing, did their little party piece. My little cousin, for example, had learned a medieval tune on his recorder, and his brother had brought the trumpet and played another old medieval tune on arrival all very setting of the event. I sang a few songs myself, one being Muirsheen Durkin and the other was Green Umbrella which was requested by my uncle, a big fan of Na Fianna’s Unearthed album. Also it was lovely to play acoustic with no wires or mics hanging out of us, it was simply a good ol’ Irish session with a bit of everything. If anyone ever wanted to celebrate a party at a castle, book in to Kinnitty Castle and hire the Finns for a right good shindig!

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