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Spring has sprung, and Dublin is starting to buzz again. Every year is the same, you can just feel a change in atmosphere all of a sudden. The cold weather has left us again, which bring with it a wave of people coming back again, visiting Dublin, for one of the busiest times of the year, and we are in full swing preparing for it. We are in the rehearsal studio as much as we are in our own houses at this stage. With Paddy’s day coming up, we have a lot of gigs in the pipeline. We are back in the Guinness Storehouse again this year, with four days of music. Last year was really hectic. We gigged in the Storehouse for four nights, but also in Kilkenny on the same day, about 2 hours after we finished in Guinness. We would have to set down our gear as quick as we could, load to cars, and pelt it down to Kilkenny, set up our gear and take into another set of music. This was just Na Fianna, never mind the other gigs we had, that is another story. That was a hard few days that i will never forget.

There is no Kilkenny this year, we are solely in the Guinness Storehouse as Na Fianna. It is a good thing, as we have been on a little hiatus since the start of the year and are getting back into the swing of things now. Last week, we played in a mansion house in Dalkey, the first gig for us this year. This kind got us going again in the gig department. The Guinness gig’s are going to be much more high pressure, so it is a good thing that we can focus on these alone, and not have to worry about getting to another county to set up in time. We still have our own solo gig to be doing in the meantime, so it will still be a very busy one.

The weather has changed dramatically in the last week, and in good time too. Paddy’s day is so close, and nothing makes paddy day better than a little sunshine. From year to year, it doesn’t be long coming around, and i’m looking forward to this one immensely. I’ll enclose one picture of me from last years gig in the Guinness Storehouse, I’m hoping my expression will be the same this year.

Till next time – P


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