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I’ve been heaving and hauling on board the Na Fianna ship this week as she carries me over the swells of the biz.I’ve also been in and out of studios pushing and pulling at a few personal side projects as well as partaking in the continued studio and gig adventures of the Na Fianna campaign!
We are already a quarter of the way into 2017, and the term ‘new year’ seems a little out of place now. Hard to believe! Another thing that’s hard to believe is that on the 31st…Friday just gone, we released our THIRD Stable Sessions Album as Na Fianna! I’m beyond proud, and to be honest it’s also quite hard to believe!
In a month we will be closing in on three years as Na Fianna…in a way that’s a long time, but for a band to come together and make four records that we are extremely proud off…it’s a relatively short time.
Of course, on all the albums there are things I feel could have been played differently… or sang better etc…including the new one..but that’s all part and parcel of growing and developing as a band.. especially with live recordings..which is exactly what ‘Haul Away’ is. As we sign and send the hard copies out to our many many amazing, loyal and supportive fans, we feel very lucky and privileged to be able to do so. Thanks to all for the support. It makes it all worth while. Our fans. The driving force behind a successful band…a successful voyage.
So with you guys..the promising and hearty wind in our sails, we set course and ‘Haul Away’ as we have always done. We’ll get there lads!

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