We are a couple of weeks into 2017 and I’m making some time to catch up on some blogs!! It was a busy Christmas and New Years celebrations so my time was spent keeping my head above water!
Na Fianna had a great 2016…but it’s shaping up to be an even better 2017!
It’s nice to be getting some great feedback through social media, and to also have some nice festivals making inquiries. I think we are in a nice place musically now too. I’ve heard(&seen) some sneak preview stuff from our pending #StableSessions 3 Album, out in a few weeks, and It’s really sounding pretty cool I have to say…And if you are familiar with the latest releases from Trad Nua’s amazing stable studio recordings you’ll know they all look awesome too!
Myself and Booy(Hugh) have also made a decision to take our duo #Huckjam to the next level. We have been gigging around Dublin as Huckleberry Jam for about 2 years now..Trying to hone our skills and get as good as we can get. The name Huckleberry Jam is great, it’s fun and all that, but we have decided to go with our family name ‘The Finns’ from now on. It feels like our music now shouldn’t be bounded to a particular genre by the name. The Finns can be anything…and maybe they will!
We had our first real actual sit down rehearsal as an actual duo in a long long time… and it was great. We have uploaded a few songs on to youtube too. So if you get a chance check it out and I hope you are all are looking forward to this year as much as we are!
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