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I do quite a bit of DIY recording with Na Fianna, at home, as well as in the practice room in Temple Bar. The thing about DIY recording in a small apartment in the city centre, is space. I usually have to unpack alot of my mics, stands, cables, instruments etc, as to leave them set up permanently would lead to nowhere to sit down for a meal…Yes the studio also shares desktop space with the kitchen table! It also takes some time setting everything up and down. I feel this stifles creativity a bit, especially when you are looking to jam out a few new ideas and record them. To solve this, I recently rearranged my little duplex and decided to commit one bedroom to a DIY Studio.. for a while at least. I’m actually very lucky to have two bedrooms in Dublin city centre.. one is a little bigger than the other, but both nicely sized..
I took the bigger one.. 🙂 It’s nice to be able to leave equipment set up and not have to pack a guitar away in a case after an hour of recording, or coil up a dozen assorted cables so I can cook and eat dinner! 🙂 It’s still a ‘work in in progress’ …but now the problem remains…when do I get the time to use it!! I hope to get a few new recordings and maybe youtube videos before 2017 rolls around!
– Ciarán

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