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This week has been quite an intense week, all round. I am two weeks into my boxing training and already things are getting very tough! Just when you think you have done enough training, Tamo, our trainer, says “OK guys 15 more push-ups!” Followed by jumping jack etc. Intense is too small a word. All that Tamo is missing is a whip. But I can already notice a difference in my fitness levels, they are accelerating up rapidly! Training on your own is fine, but once it’s with a group, everyone seems to push themselves harder than usual, I think it may be herd mentality or something 🙂

As a spill effect, with my arms getting stronger, my drumming and guitar playing becomes slightly easier too – success! Music wise it has been a busy week for me. I played three guitar gigs Saturday and Sunday, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Dubs won the all Ireland final on Saturday so there was a buzz about the city, so all the gigs were such great fun! I love the cajon a lot, as I do with all drums, but a change is always welcome. I’m also getting very into guitar playing as it helps so much with personal song writing, so it’s good to stroll down this avenue. But alas, my cajon was not neglected (it never is) as I did a 5 hour gig at the Guinness Storehouse Sunday afternoon. The last time I was in there was with Na Fianna for our paddy’s week of gigs in the Storehouse, another very memorable gig. My gig on Sunday was very relaxed, and that suited the whole vibe.

So with drumming, punching and guitar playing, as weeks go, it has been fun packed 🙂

Till next time – P



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