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The weather is beautiful here in Dublin this week. It’s funny when the sun shines here in Ireland, the place becomes manic. I was driving to the park the other day and got caught in some crazy traffic and very impatient drivers. There is not enough parking in Ireland for a days worth of sun and people are so edgy to get out of the car and enjoy the glimpse of the sun that the roads become overcrowded. I’ve always said, that Irish people really know how to celebrate good weather. Some foreigners say that we are used to the dull rainy weather, but that is somewhat not true. We are completely tired of it and it never becomes acceptable, as to ourselves, we are known as weather talkers. We talk and moan about weather every single day. It’s not cool. Anyway, in the music world, tomorrow should be the release date for our new album, “Haul Away”, we hope everything goes to plan and people like the new material. The response to our single, “Haul Away Joe” has been amazing. I would like to mention one comment that was posted under our video on youtube, as it was an unbelievable comparison by this one individual. One of the first artists to record the song was The Clancy Brothers and I absolutely love their version, but this comment had mentioned that our version was indeed better than theirs. Now, I’m not being big-headed or anything……I just thought I’d mention that, and it makes me happy…..and maybe a little big-headed 🙂

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