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I have been developing and working on growing my little DIY home studio over the past few months..I’ve commandeered a bedroom in the apartment. 🙂 Sure who needs a bed?!! it’s taking a lot of time, research …and a few quid to boot…but it’s almost there. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just pro-entry level DIY recording stuff. Perfect for demos and youtube videos with nice sound.
I had some mics and a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software/hardware package from 7 years ago when I was in Ballyfermot College studying music. It worked great and I had a decent command of the software and hardware alike…ProTools and an MBox respectively. Alas some companies do not see a profit in products and software with longevity. An upgraded OSX on my Mac Mini left my studio gear unable to communicate with my ProTools (DAW) software anymore. I was very disappointed to say the least. And things only got worse when the ProTools/Mbox company basically told people they will no longer be offering support for my Hardware/Software package….so I had a dead audio interface and a very powerful, but limbo bound DAW that was still hoping it was the year 2010… pity.
Anyway…I have recently dug out my old Mac Mini.. dusted it off, upgraded it to as new an OSX as it would take. I found a really good audio interface by an audio company called Scarlett to connect my nice Rhode NT2 mic to the computer. I have also been using Garageband these past few years as my ‘go to’ demo recorder, Garageband is great but I need a little more…so I just bit the bullet and shelled out and upgraded to the super duper equivalent Logic Pro X. It’s a really great piece of software and very powerful! Same layout as Garageband but basically it’s Garageband on Steroids! And it ‘talks’ to all my hardware and bits and bobs no problem.
I also invested in a midi controller/keyboard. I can tinker about with some piano parts or even a double bass or clarinet as that’s the beauty of using software instruments on a computer! The skies the limit…or rather your imagination is the limit! So everything is ready to start pumping out the hits….:) or seeing how busy we are with Na Fianna I’d settle for one YouTube video a week… taking requests!
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