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If you read my last blog ‘Musician V Airline’ , you’ll know I was having a good ole’ moan about the trials and tribulations about being an airborne musician. Especially with a few different companies. Ryanair for sure don’t make it easy. We are just back from a five day trip in Norway, where we played the Dubliner in Oslo for those nights, but we used a different airline and airport this time. As I said in my previous blog, I pack with military type precision. I need to..I bring a lot of stuff! Pedal boards, laptops, 47 black t-shirts and a very very manly travel hairdryer. It was a great and very different experience with Norwegian Airlines. I followed the baggage allowance guidelines on their website and read a really helpful section on musical instruments. They really seemed cool with the whole debacle regarding musicians and taking stuff on board. So after consulting with the lads and ascertaining what we were taking, I opted to take my Maton Mini guitar (that ridiculously small looking guitar) on board the plane as it met the carry on guidelines, even IN the hard case I specifically choose to use! As I was queuing at the departure gate, and it was my turn to scan my documents, I was still feeling nervous despite my confidence in my carry-on guitar size. The case on my back felt like it was growing bigger and bigger, and it was feeling like a double bass by the time I handed the attendant by boarding pass. She smiled and said ‘do you want to check that in?’ I had been in this situation many times before so without thinking, a very abrupt ‘NO!’ blurted out..followed by flustered and rushed (with hand gestures and all), recital of the ‘musical instrument measurement requirements as carry-on baggage’ guidelines.. The girl seemed surprised at my defensive reaction. It was an anticipated reaction I guess to the usual ‘you can’t take that on board’ or ‘you need to check that in’, that I’m used to hearing. But the girl just smiled and said
‘No no! Sorry, I meant if you didn’t want to carry it on board we can check it in for you’. I felt a bit stupid for being so defensive. It was the same on the return flight. Thanks to Norwegian. We might see you next time we are flying to Oslo!

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