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The Stables Sessions has raised the bar the week seeing the offical debut releases of George Murphy’s “Shadowman”, and Shay Healy’s ‘Stardust’. Johnny McEvoys completes the legendary trio line up with his 2nd Stable Sessions album. Although there have been a number of live CD/DVD’s produced from the Kilteirnan based studio since it opened its halved Stable Doors to musicians in 2014, including ourselves, the guys running The Stable Sessions are viewing this as the official launching of the studio. Even in the few short years it’s been recording artists, it has evolved and progressed forward, and honed in on the most important aspects of live studio recordings, both as a visual experience, but also as a musical one. The three aforementioned albums are a testament to this.
I have become a bit more involved in the Sessions myself over the last few months, and I have to say I’m very proud to be associated with what it stands for and represents. I also have been listening to the three new album releases, and have a favourite from each. From George Murphy’s ‘Shadowman’ , I’m really loving ‘Seven Fallen Armies’. From Shay Healy’s, I’m really moved by the song the album was named after..’Stardust’. On Johnny McEvoy’s release, I can’t ignore my love for sea shanties. ‘Sammys Bar’ is a top song and Johnny’s version is great. There are a few more releases to follow in the coming months from that stint in The Stable studio in the month of July…including Na Fianna’s! I can’t to get it out there alongside the others!
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