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This week has been pretty standard for me. I’ve been doing more much more gig’s on guitar this week, which has been warmly welcomed by moi! Usually it is all percussion that I do, pretty much for the last 4 years its all I did, so to have this change over to guitar is great! It puts a much more different feel on my gig’s now, in a good way! So even now, I am looking forward to doing a few more gig’s on the guitar.

As you might already know, I have started boxing training, all in the aid of charity. It is for the Umbrella Foundation, which is raising money to help battle child trafficking in Nepal. It is a great charity, and you can check out my page here 🙂 >

So far it has been going great! The training is twice a week and very intense, which after it has been done, is a good thing, but definitely not during! I don’t think I’ve ever trained as hard in my life, but I’m loving it.

This seem’s to be my life at the moment 🙂 I got a chance to go down to limerick on the weekend though, and i could visit rocky, the newest addition to the familly, they grow up so fast!

Till next time – P

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