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We’ve done our fair share of interviews as Na Fianna since we took off in 2014. T.V, Radio shows, papers, magazines or online articles. They usually ask the mandatory questions. ‘How/where/when did the band form?’ ‘What’s in store for the Band?’… Our interviewers often finish up off the Q&A session with ‘what are you on?’ Now…as much and all as we like to enjoy ourselves after gigs …they are not asking asking us what kind of drugs we are high on. And the follow up question ‘..and where can we find you?’…will not by answered with something like ‘duuuude….we are everywhere and … my hands are huge…I love you’ ๐Ÿ™‚
They are of course, referring to online platforms and social media and how can you find Na Fianna on them. Well it’s fairly simple to find us. The where?..On almost almost all social media platforms…Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Periscope, Spotify, and we also have a YouTube channel and a website. Twitter is probably our most used social mecia app and has our day to day happenings as a band, as well as what we get up to individually. There can be tweets depicting our shenanigans in a pub in Norway, a sunset from Phoenix Park in Dublin or a string change before a gig. We also tweet links from everything and anything else that’s Na Fianna related… interviews or a new upload on to Youtube. Periscope is also a Twitter linked live streaming app and we have streamed plenty of times for your viewing pleasure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Out Facebook is bit more controlled in what we post as we don’t want to be the spam band! We also have streamed gigs and performances on Facebook Live this year. We are on Instagram almost daily and often use it for exclusive photos and video clips. Personally I love Instagram and it’s quite rewarding getting likes for a cool pic! ๐Ÿ™‚ Our snapping on Snapchat is still in the development stages…actually I think Snapchat need to upgrade their app to allow multiple users from different devices at the same time…as one minute I’m signed in and taking a selfie with the ‘Frog’ filter…and the next minute I’ve been signed out because Peter just signed in to take a selfie with the ‘Beauty/Princess Unicorn’ filter.. It’s all very annoying. Our YouTube channel has all our Stable Sessions, some hype videos and promo clips, and videos from live performances taken by our awesome fans! We also used it to officially to launch our Tooralooralay video single last year. We are closing in on 55k views which isn’t half bad! At the moment we are uploading a new video every few weeks from our Second Stable Sessions DVD.
Our Pinterest is relatively new also, but it’s sometimes getting lost and delving deep into ideas and coming across photos of bizarre guitars and music stuff! has under gone a make over in recent times and looks really cool. Very slick and very interactive. Our blogs are linked in through Tumblr on there so you can read amazing things like this!
If you do want to find out what we ‘are on’ …then just Google search ‘Na Fianna Music’ or ‘Na Fianna Band’ and we will pop up!
Our user name is almost always @nafiannamuic.
Check out down below for our user names and links for the above social media platforms and apps!
-Ciarรกn #lovenafianna

Twitter: @nafiannamusic
Periscope: @nafiannamusic
Instagram: @nafiannamusic
Snap Chat: nafiannamusic
Facebook: @nafiannamusic
YouTube: Search ‘Na Fianna’ or ‘nafiannamusic’ nafiannamusic
Pinterest: nafiannam
Tumblr: itsnafiannamusicstuff
Spotify: Na Fianna

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