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Well it’s been a fun past week and I guess we will all be blogging about Paddy’s day and the week long celebrations! For me, our gigs at the Guinness Storehouse were the best thing about this past week. It’s a great place to play, we had deadly gigs each night! Great crowds too…and over the duration of the four evenings we played there, we picked up a lot of new fans! So welcome all new Na Fianna fans if you reading this!
We had a few new numbers arranged that we tried out too, and they went down very well….it would have been very disheartening if they didn’t… as we put a ton of work into them! 🙂 We actually have a nice selection of songs in our repertoire now to help make choosing a setlist quite an easy task now! Lots to go on! Actually, remembering some of the songs is the tricky part now!
I always felt that Paddy’s day was very fleeting when I was younger. I have to say I love the week long celebrations. It’s exhausting for musicians but it’s also great fun being in the middle of it all! I’m already counting down the days until the next one!
Who’s your Paddy?!!!

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